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The only canal guide that is never out of date

John, after twenty six years has decided to retire from producing this guide to concentrate on other projects and I wish him well in these.

I discovered the canal in 1989 when I bought my first boat and for the last eight years of my working life I have managed the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre for MBACT.

Judith and I are very proud and happy that John & Mary have sold us the rights to the guide so that we can continue producing it into the foreseeable future. The guide will rely on you, the people who use the canal to inform me on anything you might consider a hazard or change so that I can put it into the update sheet and inform the Canals & River Trust (CRT) and keep this guide up to date.

I hope you enjoy it and I am proud to say that I have been able to bring all parts of production including printing back to Wales.

Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes Management Co.

Phil Hughes Management Co. is the trading name of

Phil & Judith Hughes. mail@monandbrecguide.wales

Phil Hughes, former manager of the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre